Readiness Assessment on Institutional Arrangements for Policy Coherence to Implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Self – Assessment Questionnaire

The main response categories for the majority of fact-based questions in the Questionnaire are ‘Yes’/’No’/’Don’t Know’ model. Some questions also require qualitative answers like own assessments, examples, specifications and some questions require answers based on a Likert scale to allow the respondent to express how much they agree or disagree with a particular statement. It would be helpful to attach formal documents to the questionnaire that provide evidence of certain commitments, procedures, regulations, mandates, etc. Moreover, it would be most helpful if the respondents could provide comments and expand where requested as this will make the body of evidence richer and will provide more detailed information about the functionality and challenges of matters related to policy coherence.

It will be important that the respondent(s) who fill out the questionnaire, has/have the authority to make an assessment or judgement and/or involve other respondents who could complement the information in order to give an accurate picture of the reality on the ground. The respondent(s) is/ are asked to sign the form as evidence for the fact that the information provided is accurate and correct.

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Building Block 2: Transformational Leadership, Human Resources and Changing Mindsets

Download the Word version here:  Building Block 2_Questionnaire

Building Block 4: Organizational Structures and Processes

Download the Word version here: Building Block 4_Questionnaire

Building Block 5: Financing

Download the Word version here: Building Block 5_Questionnaire

Building Block 6: Digital Technology and Data

Download the Word Version here: Building Block 6_Questionnaire

Building Block 7: Coherence between National and Local/Regional Level

Download the Word version here: Building Block 7_Questionnaire

Building Block 8: Stakeholders’ Engagement

Download the Word version here: Building Block 8_Questionnaire

Building Block 9: Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Processes

                  Download the Word version here: Building Block 9: Questionaire