The Public Administration Awards in the Western Balkans (the PA Awards) 

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Region: Europe and Central Asia
Thematic Area: Governance and Public Institutions
Contributor: ReSPA
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The Public Administration Awards in the Western Balkans (the PA Awards) are unique awards system initiated by ReSPAand OECD/SIGMA aimed to enhance governance initiatives and support the establishment of strong public governance systems in the Western Balkan region.The 2020 Awards will focus on successful responses by the Western Balkan administrations to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This crisis has forced governments to be inventive and responsive in order to deal effectively with issues concerning both public health and the economy. The PA Awards aim to identify these efforts in the Western Balkans so that they may be a source of inspiration throughout the region.


The purpose of the 2020 ReSPA and OECD/SIGMA PA Awards is to identify, promote, learn from, and recognize inspiring practices, initiatives, services, and measures by governments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis within the Western Balkans. The Awards will highlight government efforts that advance, promote and anchor innovative, effective, inclusive and adaptable tools and systems in Western Balkan public administrations in order to deal with extraordinary situations.


Encouraging a diversity of approaches and perspectives, the Awards will focus on initiatives that ensure continuity in the delivery of public services, resilience and responsiveness of public administrations in ensuring a co-ordinated response and ensuring the continued functioning of public institutions during a crisis. 

This is crucial for stability and sustainable development in the region. These efforts are also fundamental to assisting progress on the path towards European Union membership.The awards will provide a platform to share knowledge and insights, improve communication and strengthen regional co-operation in order to be better prepared for future crises and challenges.


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