KIPA Public Policy Review, Vol.2 Issue 1

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Thematic Area: Innovation and Service Delivery
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The KIPA Public Policy Review, KIPA PPR, is a journal published by the Korea Institute of Public Administration, KIPA. The journal seeks to advance scholarly discourse in public administration and policy and addresses public policy practice by sharing robust policy research findings and best policy practices worldwide.

The Vol.2, Issue 1 contains the following articles:

  • The Future of Inclusive State amid a Multitude of Crises
  • Public Governance Innovation in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic for Building Back Better
  • The Role of Local Governance and Innovative Local Partnerships in Response to COVID-19
  • Post-COVID Korean Carbon Market and Implications from the EU Emissions Trading System
  • Developing a management system for governmental subsidy programs using classification of the risk of improper payment


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