Handbook on how to design and implement One-stop-Shops to promote better service delivery and implement the Sustainable Development Goals

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Content Type: Publication
Region: Global
Thematic Area: Innovation and Service Delivery
Contributor: UN DESA/DPIDG
Resource Language: English

This Handbook, prepared by UN DESA/DPIDG, provides local and national governments with a set of conceptual approaches, practical strategies, and tools to improve the delivery of public services through citizen centric One-stop-Shops (OSS). It includes guidance on how to prepare an action plan to establish One-stop-Shops for public service delivery systems. 

The first two chapters offer an overview of the rationale and different models of OSS. The third chapter refers to key building blocks needed to design and effectively implement OSSs. The fourth chapter provides a set of questionnaires based on each of the building blocks. Chapter five includes action planning tools for the establishment of OSSs.

File added date: 13 July 2022


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