Digital Government Capability Assessment Handbook

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Content Type: Self-Assessment Tool
Region: Global
Thematic Area: Digital Government
Contributor: UN DESA/DPIDG
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The Digital Government Capability Assessment (DGCA) is a six-dimension framework of enablers to engage governments in discussions towards digital government transformation. Considering that digital government requires a multifaceted response from governments, the dimensions of the DGCA contain various statements which could guide governments in understanding gaps and policy entry points.

Completing a DGCA will help civil servants build new understanding of the level of digital government capability that exists in a country as a foundation for continued efforts to innovate and lead in the area of digital government and public service delivery. A DGCA is not meant to be used to benchmark capability, but rather to develop an understanding of current capability and to inform decision making about where investments are needed to increase innovation and digital government capability leading to improvements in public service delivery.

This tool can be used at the inter-institutional level as part of a national exercise or as an international comparative exchange between different countries at the regional or global level. One example is the Caribbean Training Workshop engaging 13 countries held in February/March 2021 with five online facilitated virtual training sessions for two different groups of countries.

The focus of interest, or unit of analysis, in completing a workshop with the DGCA is not a particular digital initiative, such as a portal, but rather it is the whole of government capability for creating and sustaining digital government transformation. The DGCA process can be carried out in a workshop setting through two complementary steps:

  1. a self-assessment to be filled out individually by workshop participants and

  2. a collaborative assessment to be conducted through small or larger groups as a workshop activity.

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