Comprehensive Performance Indicators of the Public Sector

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Region: Americas
Thematic Area: Leadership and Public Servants’ Capacities
Contributor: CLAD
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The monitoring and evaluation information is conditioned on a series of factors in order to be used effectively. Various studies bear witness to rather formal uses - such as information that accompanies accountability to Congress and annual management reports of the agencies - but there is less emphasis on uses for the use of learning and for the allocation of spending (Cunill and Ospina 2008) (Villarreal, July, 2007).


This study starts from this reality, in which there are efforts in various countries to improve the monitoring and evaluation of public management, and looks for coincidences of approaches and lessons that can be drawn by comparing their experiences. The objective is to unify criteria and facilitate the design and management of systems of indicators and evaluations that give a comprehensive vision and stimulate the effectiveness of government policies focused on users and efficiency in the use of public resources.


File added date: March 2021

Author: CLAD