From Colonization to Reconciliation: Increasing the Collaborative Capacity of Public Servants

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Content Type: Publication
Region: Americas
Thematic Area: Leadership and Public Servants’ Capacities
Contributor: IPAC/IAPC
Resource Language: English, Spanish

In call to action 57, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls upon federal, provincial, and territorial governments to enhance the skills and knowledge of public servants. Leveraging collaboration theory and collaborative capacity, this article delves deeper into the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required of public servants who regularly work with First Nations organizations and governments. Using findings from a health care collaboration between First Nations, federal and provincial governments in Alberta with 25 mid-to senior-level leaders, this participatory action research highlights the importance of member capacity to strong collaboration as Canada embarks on the journey from colonization to reconciliation.  


File added date: March 2021


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