Capacity Development Snapshot 2023

Resource Date:
Content Type: Report
Region: Global
Thematic Area: Governance and public administration
Contributor: UN DESA/DPIDG
Resource Language: English

This report provides an overview of the capacity development activities that UN DESA’s Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) conducted in 2023, including the substantive support provided to the reinvigorated UN Resident Coordinator system, the development of new strategy guidance notes and methodologies, requests it received from Member States and how these were addressed, as well as the key outcomes of its capacity development support. 

The report is divided in two parts. Part I provides an overview of DPIDG’s capacity development activities. Part II focuses on outcomes and capacity development success stories.

UN DESA/DPIDG provides capacity development support and policy advice to countries upon their request to strengthen governments’ capacities to translate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other internationally agreed goals into institutional arrangements, strategies, and programs for effective service delivery and participatory, accountable, and inclusive decision-making processes. It does so through several modalities. It oversees the development of strategy guidance notes. It undertakes peer-to-peer learning workshops, training of trainers, direct advisory support, and develops and implements capacity development projects.