Building the Arab Digital Economy – A Strategy Blueprint

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Content Type: Publication
Region: Middle East
Thematic Area: Digital Government
Contributor: ESCWA
Resource Language: English

Over the past decade, global economic growth rates have continuously declined. The extent of this trend, influenced by developments in digital technologies, are yet to be fully captured. Today, numerous national efforts are deemed to be largely ineffective in terms of their responsiveness to new and emerging social, economic and political landscapes. What are the strategic directions and policy roadmaps for a thriving digital economy that spans the Arab World? This is what the Arab Digital Economy Strategy aims to achieve. Here’s how we can make it a reality.

It is therefore fundamental for policy makers to understand the complexity of digital transformation and the ways in which technology is changing the rules of the game, in order to cope with the paradigm shift brought about by digitalization. It is also imperative to understand the role of technological evolutions in building resilient economies and inclusive social systems.


File added date: March 2021

Author: MBRSG