The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference – Application Open

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Content Type: Webinar
Region: Europe and Central Asia
Thematic Area: Governance and Public Institutions
Contributor: NISPAcee
Resource Language: English

Main Conference Theme: Citizens' Engagement and Empowerment - The Era of Collaborative Innovation in Governance

Panel: Politico-Administrative Relations in CEE 
Panel: Cultural Policy, Co-creation and Smart Development in CEE
Panel: Behavioural Interventions in the Public Sector

WG1: Local Government 
WG2: E-government
WG3: Public Administration Reform in CEE and CA
WG4: Inter-regional and Cross-border Cooperation and Development
WG5: Public Finance and Public Financial Management 
WG6: Evidence-Based Public Policy Making 
WG7: Public Administration Education 
WG8: Non-Governmental Organisations in CEE 
WG9: The Rule of Law & Public Administration