CPSI Awards - Unearthing Innovation for a Better Public Sector
Innovation and Service Delivery
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CPSI Awards - Unearthing Innovation for a better Public Sector

This programme aims to incentivise and promote innovation in the South African public sector. It awards innovation that has improved service delivery and thus
made a difference in the lives of citizens or improved the efficiency of the public sector.

Projects can be entered in one of four categories:

  • Partnerships in Service Delivery
  • Innovative use of ICTs for Effective Service Delivery
  • Innovative Service Delivery Institutions
  • Innovative Enhancements of Internal Systems of Government
  • Winners of each of the four categories will be considered for the coveted Public Sector Innovator of the Year Award.


File added date: March 2021

Awarded by: CPSI

URL: https://www.gov.za/about-government/centre-public-service-innovation-programmes-0#awards