Directory of Major Events

The Eleventh Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF11) on “ Transforming Our Cities for a Better Urban Future”

2022-06-26 to 2022-06-30 | Global | Local Governance | English | Organized by UN-Habitat
The session will highlight a state of informed preparedness that provides us with the opportunity to anticipate change, correct the course of action if necessary, and become more knowledgeable on the different possibilities that the future of cities offers. It also illuminates the ways that policy, strategies and actions can promote desirable futures.

2021 Leaders Summit - Open Government Partnership (OGP)

2021-12-13 to 2021-12-17 | Global | Participation and Accountability | English | Organized by OGP
2021 Leaders Summit - Open Government Partnership (OGP)

The 2021 OGP Global Summit will mark OGP’s 10th anniversary and will galvanize the open government community with fresh energy, political commitment, evidence, and support to build a stronger global movement for open government and democracy. OGP Global Summit themes will be aligned with the current Co-Chair Priorities: anti-corruption, digital innovation and governance, and public participation and civic space. 

ARADO 21th Annual Conference

2021-11-15 to 2021-11-16 | Middle East | Digital Government | Arabic | Organized by ARADO
The conference organized by Arab Organisation for Administrative Development (ARADO) in partnerships with relevant international organizations discusses topics of common interest to all Arab countries as well as the prospects for reaching a safe, sound and healthy life in Arab communities.

The 29th NISPAcee Annual Conference on "Citizens' Engagement and Empowerment -The Era of Collaborative Innovation in Governance"

2021-10-21 to 2021-10-23 | Europe and Central Asia | Governance and Public Institutions | English | Organized by NISPAcee
Organized by the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee) and the Faculty of Public Administration, University of Ljubljana, the NISPAcee Annual Conference 2021 is expected to attract papers that will invigorate discussion on the possible methods of citizens' empowerment in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, in connection to its developments/traditions, governance practices, regulatory framework, financial capacity, public policy, digitalisation processes, human resource management and public administration itself. 

2021 AAPA Annual Conference on “The Future of Public Administration in PostCOVID-19 Period: Addressing Unprecedented Challenges and Seizing New Opportunities”

2021-10-07 to 2021-10-08 | Asia and the Pacific | Governance and Public Institutions | English | Organized by AAPA
The 2021 AAPA Annual Conference will be jointly hosted by the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) and the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in collaboration with the ASEAN Centre of the MGIMO University.

ICEGOV 2021 on “Smart Digital Governance for Global Sustainability”

2021-10-06 to 2021-10-08 | Global | Digital Government | English | Organized by UNU-EGOV
ICEGOV 2021 marks the 14th edition of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance. Jointly organised by the University of the Aegean, the Harokopio University of Athens and the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV), the conference will promote the interaction of people from all over the world and different sectors, such as academia, government, industry, and international organisations.

The Fifth United Nations Conference on the LDCs (LDC5)

2021-10-05 to 2021-10-07 | Global | Governance and Public Institutions | English | Organized by UN-OHRLLS
LDC5 is a United Nations conference organised by the Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS).The LDC Future Forum will bring together the academic community, policymakers and practitioners to solicit new thinking on the challenges and make policy recommendations for LDCs for the next decade.The Forum will contribute to the Fifth United Nations Conference on LDCs (LDC5), taking place in Doha in January 2022. It will address the structural challenges and emerging issues faced by LDCs. We will also debate and introduce policy recommendations that can support LDCs in achieving the SDGs, build their ability to compete in the global economy, and eventually move towards convergence with other more developed economies.

2021 American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting & Exhibition on Promoting Pluralism

2021-09-30 to 2021-10-03 | Americas | Other | English | Organized by APSA
This call for proposals opens in the midst of political, economic, and social upheaval that portends significant transformations across the globe. The answers to what these global shifts mean for governments, nations, communities and individuals are neither straightforward nor obvious, and the tools necessary to examine them are varied and expansive. 

14th edition of Ecocity World Summit 2021 on “Urban Transformations for Nature-Based Solutions”

2021-09-27 to 2021-09-29 | Americas | Local Governance | English | Organized by City of Rotterdam, Organized by TU Delft
The 2021 event is hosted by the City of Rotterdam, Netherlands and TU Delft University. Building on the success and innovation of previous meetings, Ecocity 2021 will feature a wide range of sessions, workshops, fieldtrips and other learning opportunities, showcasing the latest research and developments in urban design and city transformation practices.

9th International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2021 on "Creating a Unified Foundation for the Sustainable Development: Research, Practice and Education"

2021-09-08 to 2021-09-09 | Global | Other | English | Organized by ECSD, Organized by CIT
European Center of Sustainable Development (ECSD) in collaboration with Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) will organize the 9th ICSD 2021 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD), with particular focus on Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Sustainability.