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International Course “The Public Servant as a Trainer. Module: New Learning Scenarios in Public Organizations ”

| English | Local Governance | Americas | Training Course | CLAD
The CLAD School , within the framework of the 2020 Academic Program ,  together with the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) of the Republic of Argentina, opens the call to receive applications for the International Course: “The public servant as a trainer. Module: new learning scenarios in public organizations ” , of virtual modality ( INAP Campus ), to be carried out from November 9 to 27, 2020.   Overall objective: That…

Management of Local Open Government Action Plans: Tools for Co-creation, Monitoring and Evaluation

| Spanish | Local Governance | Americas | Publication | ECLAC
In Latin America and the Caribbean, a large number of innovations and reforms linked to the promotion of open government occur in subnational territories. That is the scale on which governments can collaborate with citizens and other actors more directly and closely. The creation of spaces and mechanisms for participation, transparency and accountability allows those who inhabit the territories to have a greater impact on public policies,…

Sustainable Development Goals: Building New Routes for Public Administrations

| English | Leadership and Public Servants’ Capacities | Americas | Publication | ICAP
The report contributes to  three reflections that could be a little light on the current debate; The first is that there must necessarily be a reformulation of the seventeen SDGs or in any case a prioritization of their implementation. In this line, and in line with the proposal of authors specialized in development and what is expressed by international organizations themselves, the collaborative action between the State and society should…


| Arabic | Chinese | Governance and Public Institutions | Americas | Award Programme | ESCAP
Initiative: Justicia Digital: La visión 360º de la Seguridadded. Institution: Ministerio de Justicia de España Problem: Traditional forms of accessing, using and sharing judicial information, through physical access to documentation, was slow, cumbersome, difficult to access and prone to security challenges. The Ministry of Justice has worked to streamline and digitize judicial procedures to benefit both professionals working in the area and…