Carlos P. Ramos Award

Carlos P. Ramos Award

2020 | Asia and the Pacific | Governance and Public Institutions | English |

Contributed by EROPA

Dean Carlos P. Ramos is credited as one of the founding father of the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA). He pioneered and promoted the idea of a regional conference as a platform for discussing relevant issues in the field of Public Administration and improving administrative systems, particularly during the time when most of the states in the region were in the midst of post-war rebuilding and reconstruction. He also promoted the concept of developing a regional organization that would professionalize the study and practice of public administration and expand its realms beyond the national boundaries of states in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

In honor of Dean Carlos P. Ramos’s pioneering effort to establish a regional platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in public administration, an awards program for best papers in the annual EROPA Conferences was established in his name. 

Specifically, the Carlos P. Ramos Award aims to:

  • Recognize an annual conference paper that significantly contributes or adds value to the state of the art in public administration;
  • Encourage submission of quality papers for the Annual EROPA Conferences that offer value and new knowledge in the field.

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Awarded by: EROPA