Call for Papers International Conference on "Rivers of South Asia: Connecting Ecology, People, and Governance"

Thematic Area
Governance and Public Institutions
Asia and the Pacific

The conference aims to explore the ‘life-world’ of the rivers that have shaped the ecological, economic, cultural, and political processes affecting both human and more-than-human lives. The recent spell of drought on the Yangzi, Amazon, and Rhine, among other rivers, has shown that global warming is poised to affect more people and biodiversity (and their complex interactions) on the river basins than those merely on the coastal areas. In this larger context, this conference will develop interdisciplinary conceptual and methodological tools for river studies with a focus on three broad thematic areas:

Spiritual engagements, literature, folklore, paintings, and other creative representations of the river.

Ecological and economic changes that have mutually shaped river systems, especially since the 1950s.

Dynamics of policy and governance relating to river systems and corresponding popular responses

While we are particularly interested in the rivers of South Asia, proposals on other regions of Asia are most welcome.

Abstract submission deadline: 22 June 2023 (around 250 words, Times New Roman)

Pre-conference draft paper submission deadline: 10 July 2023 (4000-6000 words including notes, Referencing Style- APA 7th ed)

Abstracts should be submitted to Google Form Link:

The conference is the 2nd episode of the series of conferences on rivers. The first conference was held at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam on 27-28 February 2023. Further queries on the conference should be directed to:

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Associate Partner: South Asian Network for Public Administration (SANPA)