Management of Local Open Government Action Plans: Tools for Co-creation, Monitoring and Evaluation
Local Governance
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In Latin America and the Caribbean, a large number of innovations and reforms linked to the promotion of open government occur in subnational territories. That is the scale on which governments can collaborate with citizens and other actors more directly and closely. The creation of spaces and mechanisms for participation, transparency and accountability allows those who inhabit the territories to have a greater impact on public policies, programs and projects that affect their daily lives.

In this context, this publication reviews some conceptual, theoretical, and practical notions, which form the foundations and standards of open government policies, plans, programs, and projects. Likewise, the steps that need to be followed for the co-creation of local open government action plans are detailed, with a special emphasis on the development of strategies to guarantee the effective participation and involvement of actors in subnational territories. Likewise, tools and components for the design of strategies for monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of action plans are explained and specified.


File added date: March 2021

Author: UN ECLAC

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