Webinar on CJK Smart Cities: Synthesizing Smart City Initiatives
Local Governance
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The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) co-organized the Webinar on CJK Smart Cities for their respective members, partners, and stakeholders in China, Japan, and Korea, ahead of plans to jointly establish a smart city cooperation platform for launch at a subsequent “CJK Smart City Forum.

Key Takeaways In terms of representation, more local governments from Japan coupled with more corporations from China and Korea in further webinars and other related events could achieve a more trilaterally balanced representation of the public and private sectors.


Comments from the survey revealed the below needs for consideration:


  • Broader description of smart city development in the context of each country.
  • Deeper discussion on urban planning.
  • Examples of smart city initiatives in more cities.
  • Examples of trilateral joint projects to benchmark.
  • Panel discussions that bring together cities and corporations.
         o Aligning needs with solutions.
         o Narrowing the gap between cities’ and corporations’ financial priorities

File added date: February 2021

Organized by: WeGO

URL: http://we-gov.org/regional-networks/webinar-on-cjk-smart-cities/