Global Launch of the UN E-Government Survey 2022
e-gov survey


The UN E-Government Survey 2022 was launched on 28 September 2022. The theme of the 12th edition of the Survey is “The Future of Digital Government”. The Survey looks at how digital government can facilitate integrated policies and services across the 193 United Nations Member States. It supports countries’ efforts to provide effective, accountable and inclusive digital services to all and to bridge the digital divide and leave no one behind.

The Survey includes digital government ranking of the 193 UN Member States. The 2022 Survey also marks the first study to incorporate an assessment of e-government in the most populous city in each of UN Member State.  

Following the global launch, webinars and regional information sessions will be held to share further insights and key findings at the global, regional and local levels. In addition to the English edition, the Survey will also be made available later on in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

The Survey launch on 28 September at 12.30 pm EDT was streamed live via UN Web TV.


Full report and annexes (English) [Download]

Report only (English)

Annexes only (English)

[Chinese Version]

[Russian Version]

Individual Chapters

Chapter 1: Global Trends in E-Government

Chapter 2: Regional E-Government Development and the Performance of Country Groupings

Chapter 3: Local E-Government Development

Chapter 4: Leaving no one behind in the hybrid digital society

Chapter 5: The Future of Digital Government: Trends, Insights and Conclusion 

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