Digital Government Capability Assessment

The DGCA is a set of six dimensions that are key factors in assessing the level of digital government capability. The DGCA uses an “enabler” focus with each of the dimensions of the DGCA representing a theory of change related to the key enabling factors in terms of capabilities that contribute to digital government development. Enablers, as theories of change, in the DGCA, represent what is needed to improve institutional and organizational capabilities for digital government. A theory of change is a model that explains how an intervention will lead to improved performance in a specific domain. It specifies a direction (a desired performance or outcome), and implies the inputs and activities needed to attain the desired direction. A theory of change answers the question "How might A lead to B?" Each of the theories of change underlying the enablers of the DGCA is based on recent relevant literature and a review of current and best practices in innovation and digital government for public service delivery.